Steramine concentrated sanitizer tablets are used worldwide in many industries,  to sanitize any  surface incl Counter tops, work surfaces, tables, food procession equipment, food contact surfaces, and all other non-porous articles and surfaces.  Used as directed this product is effective against pathogenic organisms in 60 seconds. This is Quaternary ammonium compound is safe to use in any situation.  It contains no carcinogens like many other sanitizing solutions.  Because of the difficulty users of liquid sanitizing products were having in accurately measuring in grams and fractions of grams, to accurately produce the correct concentration of the sanitizing solution required by Health Department Regulations,which eliminated the need to measure the liquid sanitizer chemical. By simply using one tablet per 5.678 liters  of water to accurately produce the correct sanitizing solution concentration, this new sanitizing tablet was quickly accepted by both the Health Departments and the food and beverage service industry. The initial sanitizing tablet was registered with the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Pesticide Division, around 1947. This registration was transferred to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1970 when this agency was created and became responsible for product registrations. By Edward Councilor Co Inc


Steramine effectively kills microorganisms and infectious bacteria found on non-porous surfaces . Public Health Regulations require that all surfaces be properly cleaned and sanitized to protect the public health from exposure to the hazards of disease transmitted through the cross-contamination of surfaces and articles soiled with infectious micro-organisms. Tested and evaluated under strict EPA testing protocols. STERAMINE TABLETS is the first sanitizing product to be developed that has been accepted and registered by the EPA as being effective in killing not only infectious bacteria but HIV-1 (AIDS Virus) as well.

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