Afrisan AG+

Afrisan AG+, the only South African disinfectant proven to kill COVID -SARS 2 which causes COVID-19 and leave a protective layer of Silver on the surface to continue the destruction of this virus on an ongoing basis. Afrisan AG+ can be used for surface cleaning and for deep fogging. 

Afrisan Ag+ is a 100% South African manufactured product. It comprises 50% hydrogen peroxide and ionised nano silver particles. Due to its complexity of manufacture, there are only four other manufacturers worldwide that manufacture a true silver stabilized hydrogen peroxide. Although higher in price than other disinfectants, it provides disinfecting solutions in areas that are not permissible with other products due to their toxicity profiles. Also, the addition of nano-Silver particles provides a lingering effect and an additional layer of disinfection (20x the Gain of Function) that Oxygen alone cannot perform.

Afrisan AG+ combines hydrogen peroxide and silver synergistically, releasing highly reactive free radicals that immediately begin to attack the cell membrane of the targeted microorganism. This weakens the cell and allows the silver ions to enter. Together, the silver and hydrogen peroxide (20 times stronger than hydrogen peroxide alone) destroy the microorganism by:

  • Attacking and disrupting the cell membrane.
  • Binding to the enzymes causing denaturation.
  • This incapacitates the energy source of the cell causing rapid death.
  • Binding to the DNA to stop replication.

During the process, hydrogen peroxide decomposes into water and oxygen gas, which creates a highly toxic environment for anaerobes, yet safely decomposes into water and oxygen.

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